• Adobe Photoshop CC (PSD & PSB)
  • Adobe Illustrator CC (AI & EPS)
  • Adobe InDesign CC (INDD)
  • PDF (Adobe PDF)
  • JPG (High Resolution JPEG)
  • TIFF (High Resolution TIFF)

Vector files are scalable to any size without resolution limits.

Accepted Vector File Formats:

  • AI
  • EPS
  • PDF

(We prefer all fonts converted to outlines or curves if possible.)

Fonts must be converted to outlines. If fonts are not converted to outlines, please provide whether they are OpenType or TrueType fonts. If they are cross-platform font, files OpenType is preferred. If changes need to be made in the file, please provide the fonts and a version of the file with editable type.

All raster files (either print files or linked files) must be at 100-300 pixels per inch at 100%. 72dpi would be the lowest resolution without losing detail, and would be suitable for large scale murals or signage viewed from a distance.

Popup mural files must be built as one file. Please note where panel breaks are located and try to minimize the amount of type that crosses over the panel breaks.

Accepted Raster File Formats:

  • PSD
  • PSB
  • JPG
  • TIFF
  • PDF

Unnecessary layers in Photoshop documents and Tiffs should be deleted to reduce file size and confusion.

RGB or CMYK, we’ve got you covered. If a specific PMS or Pantone color is needed, please let us know when submitting order.

NOTE: If we’re enlarging your print, the final image may be unclear or may contain pixelation, depending on the quality of the file you give to us. This is true regardless of how large your file is. It’s quality, not quantity, that counts.

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